i’m the laziest

hey blog, i’ve missed you!

i’ve been in a real clothing funk lately. for the last couple of weeks the weather has been fluctuating between lukewarm and miserably cold/windy. i have to anticipate a ten degree weather change between leaving for work in the morning and heading home at night. i’m also moving come May 1st, so i’ve been taking a very hard look at my closet. i’m getting rid of anything i haven’t worn in the last year, no matter how much i love it, and that means a ton of polyester dresses and i are saying goodbye. with my fingers crossed for nicer weather, i’d like to maintain a wardrobe of breathable all weather clothing. at this point, cotton or wool dresses are all i’m sparing space for.

if i had the money i’d buy this super cute cotton day dress by Eley Kishimoto that’s on sale at Gravity Pope:

pair that dress with bright orange nylons and these mind-blowingly excellent Raf Simon two-tone Dr. Marten’s, and you pretty much have my dream outfit for this spring:

p.s. if you are feeling brave, do a google image search for orange nylons and drown in the sea of pussy!


out with the old and in with the new

for a few weeks now i’ve been meaning to purge my closet. i have a serious problem getting rid of clothes because i heavily associate certain feelings and memories with them. this is especially the case when it’s an item of clothing that someone else has given me.

saying that, i’ve been pretty good recently at instituting a year policy. basically, if i haven’t worn something for over a year i need to get rid of it. this goes for items i’ve picked up in swaps and have meant to alter, as well as the pile of 50+ t-shirts i noticed i have.

it’s cleansing for me to get rid of these things. it also frees up space for me to start replacing old items with new basics. i’m trying to fill my wardrobe with the necessities, spending my money on practical and versatile pieces. it helps that its after christmas and lots of my favourite items from last season are on sale now.

these wool jersey dresses by Built By Wendy look super comfy.



i would wear these booties by Marc by Marc Jacobs all spring long.


i also recommend taking peek at the sale section at Opening Ceremony. serious serious markdowns all over the place.

got money in the bank

my favouritest bag is falling apart. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK. maybe i should stop drooling over this Filson bag on the internet and finally welcome the beautiful babe into my home.


something kinda great

while i was christmas shopping last week i may or may not have accidentally bought myself a fancy little black dress. it’s a simple jersey dress until you flip it over and see a big shiny exposed zipper. i love how the zipper adds a necessary edginess to an otherwise ordinary dress.

an exposed zipper usually adds a heavy modernity to an item, which i think is pretty funny, since you rarely see metal zippers outside of outerwear and vintage clothes. they are very trendy this season being liberally used on purses and shoes as well as dresses and jackets.

speaking of zippers:
i love this dress by Luv Charlie

and these Christian Louboutin flats with the little zipper bows have had me drooling for months

the inevitable, a post about winter boots

with the news of the impending overnight snowstorm i’m forced to think about my winter boot situation. for the last three years i’ve been a lucky lady with four super warm pairs. i had two pairs of Linda Lundstrom Laparka Boots (which upon a few google searches, appear to be no more), a pair of short grey shearling-lined nylon booties, and a pair of the most luxurious and fabulous seal-skin boots. the only survivors are the seal-skin babes, which are the most excellent boots i have ever owned. and for anyone who feels uneasy about that, just so you know, i fucking love them.

requirements for my new pair: i live in toronto and while our winters aren’t super snowy they are slushy. i walk a lot, so i need a pair of boots that can keep my feet super dry, so waterproofness is a mandatory feature. good traction and they have to be comfortable, obviously.

i recently tried on a pair of Sorel’s and while they seem to be my perfect match they were completely uncomfortable. i felt like i was walking around the lodge in some ski-boots. basically, my dream boots are the Maine Hunting Shoe by L.L. Bean. they come in chocolate brown leather, are shearling lined and have a rubber chain-tread bottom.


i know, they look like friggin Sorel’s, but i like that the toe is not so cartoonishly rounded. they just seem more streamlined and elegant, if you can say that about glorified duckies.


now, the real question is, can i wait until January 20th for a pair to be available in my size?

and you can call me four-eyes

today, on a whim, i stopped into an optician’s office and got my eyes checked. the major reason for my stopping in was to view their selection of Shuron frames (well, and to try to get a free pair of contacts for rainy days.)

for anyone who hasn’t heard of Shuron, they are the company that supplies vintage style frames for the hollywood movies. they are relatively inexpensive (100$-150$ for the frames) and have a variety of styles and sizes. i’ve been longing for a pair of Grey Briar Ronsir’s for a few years now.


i also noticed that they have started making woodgrain Ronsir’s!!! i have a serious love on right now for woodgrain frames, although i’m super concerned about their durability. i’m not super hard on my frames but i like not having to worry about crunching them. these Ray Ban style sunglasses by Shwood in the Zebrawood are incredible. the woodgrain adds an extra texture to the frames that make the classic frames look modern.


although, if i was really going to get a pair of wooden frames i might as well go whole hog and get a custom pair, right? i recently came across the beautiful handmade frames online at Urban Spectacles. seriously, scroll down that website and tell me that you don’t want a pair.



p.s. feel free to help yourself to a free download right over there —>

My Wide-On for Chloe Sevigny

to keep things short and sweet, i think she’s pretty fucking great. chloe easily is one of the most consistently stylish celebrities out there.


her style blends bold patterns and vintage silhouettes in a cohesive yet sloppy way. she looks put together and casual, which is not an easy feat. i also love that she sticks with a simple colour palette, working mostly with black and white, or pastels.


i only recently stumbled upon her collection/collaboration with Opening Ceremony which for me is a really strong unisex line. i cannot get over how great the black and white flannel shirt is.

i love it paired with high waisted trousers and a vibrant bomber jacket. for me i’d pair it with a black pencil skirt, some black oxfords and white opaque tights.

shirt: opening ceremony by chloe sevigny
skirt: alexander wang
shoes: indigo by clarks